Our Supporters

Here at Sporting Equals we have a great network of supporters, including sporting and community ambassadors as well as up and coming athletes that will provide further inspiration to the next generation. We are really grateful for their support as they represent and reinforce the same values we have championed here at Sporting Equals.

Each supporter sees the importance of ethnically diverse community inclusion in sport, both recreationally and competitively. Understanding that the work we do is aimed to deliver inclusion, equality and social cohesion on a national level.

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Future Champion

A large part of our work here at Sporting Equals is not only to be at the forefront of delivering change in terms of delivering racial equality in sports. It is also to support and celebrate the talented ethincally diverse individuals who are already making waves in the sports industry with their accolades.


Over the years we at Sporting Equals have gained a myriad of ethnically diverse ambassadors. Our ambassadors have championed the very cause we work towards making a more accessible reality, for more ethnically diverse aspiring athletes. Our ambassadors have all achieved great feats within the sporting world. However, they do still feel a sense of racial inequality present in the sports industry and so they support us in our cause to deliver more equality in sport.