Race Representation Index

Sporting Equals launched the Sport Monitoring Advisory Panel to hold to account publicly funded sporting organisations over their Black Lives Matter-inspired pledges. Based on a scheme created in the United States, the Race Representation Index is expected to play an integral role in holding organisations to account on commitments made around diversity by various sports after Floyd's death on May 25 2020. 

The Race Representation Index is being driven by the Sport Monitoring Advisory Panel (SMAP), comprised of influential current and former Black athletes. The Race Representation Index will score the progress made by sports bodies on policy and strategy, and workforce, coaching, and elite talent profile. It will also focus on ethnically diverse representation within men's and women's sides at national team level. Sports bodies will be asked to complete the Race Representation Index electronically, and the findings will be analysed and processed ahead of the publication the results in late 2021, allowing for sports to be compared on performance.

The Panel wanted to give organisations including Sport National Governing Bodies a year after they offered commitments and made statements about tackling racial inequality within sport.