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Unified Action

Sporting Equals are working alongside Youth Sport Trust with the help of MHCLG (Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government) to bring Unified Action to local communities. The aim of this project is to promote shared values among people of all backgrounds through sustainable social integration and meaningful civic participation. This project has been designed to promote understanding and shared values between and within faith and ethnic communities, and other communities which form a part of civil society.

The project will take place across 5 cities (Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham, Slough, Barking/ Dagenham) and 32 organisations which include variations of Sport Clubs, Youth Clubs and Faith Centres. Each organisation will identify one adult mentor and two young leaders (aged 14-25) to take part. Athlete mentors will also be lending a helping hand to inspire and support young people involved in the project across all 5 cities. This project will bring together young people from all backgrounds, opening up new opportunities and providing them with a platform to have their voice heard.

Unified Action uses young leader ambassadors and the power of sport to:

  • Empower future generations to become inclusive leaders.
  • Connect communities by promoting understanding and shared values.
  • Give young people a platform to have their views heard in local and national decision making.
  • Achieve greater diversity in the governance of sport and broader civil society.
  • Stand united against all forms of hate crime by challenging attitudes and behaviours.

The overall aim is to empower young people and promote leadership skills for the future generation to gain governance within the sports sector.