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Sporting Equals - Increasing Participation

Sporting Equals provides the vital intelligence and understanding of Ethnically Diverse Communities which helps National Governing Bodies of Sport to engage this untapped market.

Sporting Equals SportZones tour the country during the summer period, visiting Mela's, Carnivals and Festivals to put on a wide range of activities from tennis inflatables, penalty shootouts, boxing punch-bags and cricket sessions all supported by qualified coaches.

The SportZone engages a wide variety of individuals, from the young through to the old across all backgrounds. It provides the instant opportunity to mix with other communities and learn about new sports. 

Without the support of volunteers and staff, the SportZone would struggle to be the brilliant iniative it is!

Sporting Equals works across the country and has regional officers based in London, Manchester and Birmingham and we work in Bradford and Nottingham supporting the frontline sport providers to engage Ethnically Diverse Communities.

Over the years we have successfully set-up sustainable and effectual projects that have not only increased participation but also changed behaviour.

We target cohorts of the community that could be considered 'Culturally Excluded' or 'Interested but Inactive' and run programmes that build their confidence and love for physical activity.

To learn more about such projects or an informal chat please contact:

0121 777 1375 or