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Sport For Communities

Sport for communities was a national project backed by £2 million from the Treasury and supported by DCMS. It awarded grants of up to £50,000 to community projects in deprived inner-city areas, working towards the government?s vision of increasing participation and employment opportunities in sport, and promoting social inclusion and community cohesion for ethnic minorities, migrant and refugee communities.

The significance of the need for funding was overwhelming. Sporting equals received applications totalling £11 million, from over 300 community groups, dispelling the myth that Ethnically Diverse Communities are not willing to engage with government initiatives.

In total 50 projects were supported, and generated over £1million in match funding.

The initial choice of projects national spread and a reasonable size of grants ensuring good value for money. Projects were split between three key regions including, North, Midlands and London.

The main objectives of Sport for communities 

  • To work with priority communities to identify and understand the barriers to their participation and employment in sport
  • To engage and empower our priority communities to develop innovative solutions, and provide opportunities through which they could influence sports policy and practice
  • To work with the delivery system for sport to inform, support and share good practice.

Click here to download a copy of the Sport Communities Report