Support our Runners at the 2019 London Marathon and Help us Raise Money!

We are excited to announce the five runners who will be running in aid of Sporting Equals for this year's London Marathon on Sunday 28th April 2019.

Sid Paul

“I've been living in the market town of Whitchurch, Shropshire for the past nine years with my wife Anna and three young children. My family are very understanding of the frequent 5am alarm calls to get me up and out to run the rural country lanes.

I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to run for Sporting Equals last year to complete my first ever London Marathon, and what a truly amazing experience it was! So consequently, when the charity asked me again this year I didn't hesitate to say YES!

Sporting Equals is a charity I am very proud to support. The work they do to raise awareness and opportunities within the BAME community surrounding physical education and health promotion is incredible and testament to the strong team they have onboard.

As the weeks pass by, April 28th will soon be here and I can honestly say I cannot wait to wear the charity's t-shirt to promote a fantastic cause and at the same time attempt to smash my personal best!”

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Lisa Mccrorie

“Thank you so much for letting me run for Sporting Equals – it's an amazing charity! As a regular fitness fanatic, I didn't realise that ethnicity or religion was such a big issue within sports, so by not getting to your full potential it's very hard to comprehend. It should be the era that all societies have an equal footing.

I started my running journey around three years ago. Going from 0-5k with a local group called 'Run to be', since then I've been hooked and have done numerous half marathons.

Last year I joined up with the Orion harriers in Chingford and have been competing in some leagues and have realised I thoroughly enjoy the competitive side to running.

I did the London Marathon two years ago but sustained a knee injury a few weeks prior to the race day which set me back massively and meant I didn't get to finish with a great time.

So, when this opportunity came up again I decided to throw myself into it properly with an organised running timetable with the orion's and regular sports therapy to make sure my body is coping well, especially my knee. I'm currently running long distance on Sundays and I'm now up to 16 miles with a 9.12 min mile pace.”

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Ed Stone

“Sport has been good to me over the years; from my days at school, throughout adulthood and to the present day. It has provided me with three main benefits:

  1. Community – a sense of belonging to a group, team or club
  2. Personal fulfilment – achieving as a member of a team or as an individual setting personal goals and fulfilling ambitions
  3. Social networking – opportunities to meet people from across a range of sports and other walks of life, both as participants or administrators

This does not ignore the obvious, positive impact on health and wellbeing that participating in sport, at any level, offers. Sporting Equals has given me the opportunity to realise a personal ambition to run the London Marathon, which I am privileged to accept and open up the opportunities to others, which have been afforded to me.

This high-profile sporting event, which brings together people from a diversity of backgrounds, provides a focus for everyone to consider what they can do differently to engage and use the medium of sport to increase community cohesion and inclusion.

If by running the London Marathon, I help raise much needed funds to support projects that Sporting Equals undertakes to provide the necessary mechanisms for the benefits above to be realised, then my efforts will have been worth it.”


Dave Brennan

“I served in the Royal Air Force for a number of years, and due to the nature of my role, exercise and sport played an enormous part in my day-to-day life.

The Royal Air Force is a very diverse service and offered opportunities to carry out several different sporting events, that I firmly believe I wouldn't have done if I didn't serve with them.

I left the Royal Air Force in late 2009 after a very happy career and jumped out of the frying pan literally into the fire and became a Firefighter!

Again, this role offered me and all other members of the service big opportunities to take part in sports events. It created a love for Triathlon to mention just one example.

The role that sport plays in all our lives should never be underestimated. It offers up the chances to mix with others, gain confidence, improve health and fitness, make new friends, and maybe just maybe, to become the next Olympic Gold medalist!

I am so happy that I can run for Sporting Equals, and it will do for Ethnic Minorities what the RAF and Fire Service did for me, which is open doors that should be available to each and every one of us!”


Nick Attrill

“I'm Nick – a Postie from the south. I'm running the marathon for the challenge and to tick off a bucket list item.

I'm running for sporting equals because I've heard many great things about the charity from Lorraine and her dedication to the cause. I strongly believe in equality in sports and I'm very happy to be raising money for this special charity.”

If you wish to support our runners, please donate here:

If you wish to support our runners, please donate here: