Sporting Equals joins forces with Brit-Asian Music Icon, PBN

Sporting Equals is reached out to the Asian Media and Entertainment sector to help change South Asian attitudes towards sport and exercise. On Saturday 26th November Sporting Equals launched their new Alliance to promote physical activity to the south Asian communities, through the support of Asian Media at the annual prestigious Asian Viewers Television Awards in London.

The profile of sport and exercise amongst Asian communities is low and there is a lack of awareness of the wider benefits of sport and exercise. The benefits not only help to prevent development of diseases, the positive effects on mental health and overall wellbeing as well as interpersonal skills including confidence building and discipline. 

Sporting Equals supports Asian communities lead an active lifestyle through delivery of successful projects and strong community brokerage. With our networks we can reach Asian communities across England, therefore we urge the media and entertainment sector, who play a major role and have a duty of care to their viewers, to join us in spreading the message and the importance of living an active and healthier lifestyle.  

Arun Kang, CEO of Sporting Equals commented:

“There is a great health inequality that is experienced by south Asian communities. The statistics show south Asian communities are six times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and are more prone to suffer from heart attacks. Furthermore, with physical activity levels lower than the national average, there is a strong urge to breakdown the stereotypes that Asians do not engage with sport.”  

“We are now requesting the support of Asian media and entertainment sectors as we are aware, 77% of British Asians felt mainstream media had no or little relevance to them. Together we can widen our communication to the south Asian communities to make a change and promote healthier active living, through Asian TV, radio stations, online publishing's as well as print media. We are excited to join forces with the Asian music icon PBN who will really ignite the Asian music industry to support this important campaign". 

PBN, music producer singer songwriter, said:

“I am delighted to become an Ambassador for Sporting Equals. Supporting Asian communities to live longer and healthier lives is important to me and if that can happen through movement and dancing with my music, I am even more motivated to making this happen.”