Meet Dal Dhaliwal - Sporting Equals’ new Special Advisor on Physical Activity

Dal Dhaliwal is a health and wellbeing expert, educator, TV /radio presenter and a professional speaker. She was one of the first Asian women to launch a fitness studio in the UK and has been working in the wellness industry since 1998.

She is a highly respected women's health and wellbeing expert. Her popular coaching programmes have helped women globally to get in better shape, to feel good, gain confidence, build their self-esteem and to become the best version of themselves.

Dal also consults and presents for leading businesses and organisations within the wellness and business sector.

She has recently been appointed as a Special Advisor for Sporting Equals on physical activity.

Speaking on her new role, Dal said:

“I'm excited to be a part of the Sporting Equals team. My extensive career spans over 20 years in the Health and Wellness industry. As one of the very first Asian female gym owners and health & fitness experts in the UK, I understand what cultural barriers Asian women and girls have to encounter.

I am passionate and committed in motivating and inspiring more people, in particular South Asian women and girls to get involved in physical activity and Sport - and lead more healthy and active lifestyles.

Being part of the Sporting Equals team will give me a platform to actively promote equality, inclusion and ethnic diversity in physical activity and sport.”