Launch of Government new Cycling and Walking Strategy

Government has recently published its Cycling and Walking Strategy, which sets out how it will invest £1.2 billion to make cycling and walking 'the natural choice for shorter journeys'   Through publishing this straegy the Government has demonstrated its commitment to getting more people cycling to help create an active nation. 

The Government aims, by 2025, to have:·

·         Increased the number of people cycling and walking;·

·         Reduced the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on roads;·

·         Increased the percentage of children aged 5 to 10 that walk to school from 49% to 55%.

The strategy explains how it will spend funding the Government has set aside to fund innovative ways of achieving the above aims.

The strategy sets out how Government will measure the performance of the strategy by covering outputs and activities, as well as outcomes. This will help the Government understand the broader picture underpinning performance in order to better inform future decisions. The Government will also recruit an Expert Committee, made up of experts from the cycling, walking and business sectors, to advise on delivering the first phase of the strategy to help get more people cycling and walking to get active.

Grassroots sport and physical activity are at the heart of the wider active nation strategy to help reduce physical inactivity and recognise that cycling and walking is a good way to acheiving an active nation.

The full report can be downloaded here.