Get Active in Golf

“Knowing the basics of the technique of how to hit a ball with a Golf club from these lessons has given me the confidence to go to a Golf course and not look stupid which was a definite barrier”

Daniel Allen is a new member of staff at Sporting Equals. In this role he works alongside partners to integrate black and ethnic minority communities into sport by setting up various projects. As well as this, Dan also worked for British Boxing, coaching and mentoring people who are registered boxers with the Boxing Association. Dan is an active person, attending this gym twice a week as well as boxing on two occasions to keep up his fitness levels. As high as Dan's fitness levels are, he had never played Golf prior to his beginner lessons and there are   various reasons for this as Dan admits…

“The area I work and live in, Golf is not an accessible sport. There are no role models that align themselves to the community groups I surround myself in therefore I have struggled to play. Another reason has been the price and the attractiveness from a personal point of view”

Dan took up the lessons during a meeting where I enquired as to whether he would be interested in giving it a go. He then got a few of his friends and family and attended lessons at Hilltop Golf Course for 6 weeks. This was the first time Dan and his friends had ever played Golf.

“The free offer to begin the lessons from Mytime Active was a big incentive as it breaks down the barrier of initial cost and gave me the pathway to try the sport and see if it was something I would like to take up on a permanent basis”