Farnham Maltings - Things to do before we die

Live broadcast of Farnham Maltings and Arts Council England's (South East) event exploring what practical actions might increase the breadth and range of people making and seeing art particularly in relation to disability, ethnicity, and socio-economic background.

Click here to watch live.

Things to do before we die will examine successful initiatives within the arts, share ideas and examples from other sectors such as sport and heath, and focus on actions and pledges that could make a difference. 

One ambition for the day is to identify alliances, new partnerships and discussions that might prompt planning towards diversity funding streams Arts Council will be launching in the new year.

The event will feature a speech from Arun Kang of Sporting Equals as well as an exciting range of speakers who will discuss the challenges and opportunities of diversity in other sectors. 



11:00 Introduction

11:10 Jess Thom, Touretteshero

11:40 Ratna Duff, Race Equality Foundation

12:00 Introduction to breakout sessions

12:15 Break (30 mins)

12:45 Breakout session

13:15 Joe Baden, Open Book Project at Goldsmiths University

13:45 Break (45 mins)

14:30 Mark Gore, Metropolitan Police Service

14:50 Arun Kang, Sporting Equals

15:15 Break (30 mins)

15:45 Legacy action groups

16:45 Closing remarks