The British Asians in Sport and Physical Activity (BASPA) Summit 2018 was an event organised by Sporting Equals and supported by Sport England and the ECB. The Summit took place on Friday 23rd November at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Key experts and practitioners gathered to examine the challenges and find new solutions to tackle underrepresentation of British Asians in sport and physical activity. The main aim was to present a 'call to action' to the sport sector. The event brought together over 80 professionals and influencers from the sport sector,  and from private, public and third sectors. The event will be the catalyst to gather further information and advice that results in actions which make a demonstrable impact and a step change for greater equality for those from the South  Asian communities.

Following the event a 'call to action' paper has been produced which announces Sporting Equals and its partner organisations' ambition to support greater inclusion for South Asian communities who are diverse, often marginalised, more likely to be inactive and less visible than other communities. By working together, with a wide range of partners we can address some of these challenges. Our 'call to action' across the four key themes of inactivity, coaching, talent and workforce identifies where the focus of effort needs to be. It is acknowledged that several partners will be needed to help play important roles in delivering a step change within the sector.

Sporting Equals can help facilitate, but cannot do this alone. A collaborative effort is needed to create greater pathways and access for South Asian communities to help tackle inequalities and provide greater access. The BASPA Summit has created a new network of partners committed to helping to create 'opportunity' for South Asian communities in sport. By putting these types of measures in place we will align with the Sport England strategy of 'towards an active nation' by challenging 'thinking' and addressing sector wide issues. We need to address as a collective to help ensure we are a sector that reflects society. So, what next? We recommend formalising the BASPA network as a platform for sharing ideas and good practice and a critical friend for sport and physical activity sectors, with a requirement to meet or interact with the sector at a national level. The sport sector must support an annual summit to ensure this agenda remains a priority for sport. Sporting Equals will administer and work with the BASPA network to ensure the momentum of the Summit, and key actions are not lost through time.

In collaboration and partnership, we will ensure that the sport sector is supported by the BASPA network to deliver the recommended actions. The full report is available though contact our research team