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Breaking Boundaries Inter Faith Week Blog Series:The Muath Trust

In honour of Inter Faith week we wanted to shed a light on the amazing work of the Breaking Boundaries project which seeks to build social cohesion and community ties across faith groups and ethnic groups through the power of sport, allowing all communities to build relationships and enjoy the benefits of sport!

  1. 1. What is the name of your organisation and how long have you been running for?
    The Muath Trust, we were established in 1990 and have been running for 30 years plus.
  2. Where is your organisation based?
    We are based at The Bordesley Centre, The Muath Trust in Birmingham.
  3. Which Faith groups do you support with your organisation and how do you support them?
    We are open to support those from any faith group however we mainly deal with Muslim service users due to our location, the community demographics and our affiliation to Amanah Masjid.
  4. What have been the successes you have felt and seen in supporting the physical health and wellbeing needs of the Faith groups in your area?
    We have many programmes that have been successful in particular with the elderly and women's groups regarding exercise and keeping active.

    The women's group run a weekly exercise session and the men's elderly group carry out walking football and other suitable exercise to promote a healthy lifestyle.

    We also take the groups out for numerous trips like hiking, strawberry picking, visiting the zoo etc to ensure that they are outdoors and keeping active. Recently we have established a walking group and a litter picking initiative which we promote to all members of our community.

    We also have a football club with a range of ages from young children to 18 plus. We also have a boys and girls youth club where they tailor activities to suit the users. Thus, ensuring there is something for all ranges of demographics that make up our local community and can bind them together over the commonality of sport, physical activity and wellbeing activities.
  5. How does sport help connect communities from different Faith backgrounds?
    We have noticed that sports help build a common ground between those from different backgrounds. We hope to promote and increase the effect amongst all the varying community members we serve which is why we joined the Breaking Boundaries project, to support us in achieving this.
  6. What has been your best memory of connecting communities through the Breaking Boundaries project?

    We have intentions of running a 6-session programme targeted specifically at females of a Muslim and Hindu background as we feel these two faith groups have prominent representation within the city of Birmingham but historically there has not been strong social community level ties – this is something we hope to build and embed with the help of Breaking Boundaries.

    The process in getting this started is very informative, through being a part of Breaking Boundaries we have gained insight into similar faith organisations and other community organisations that have the same goal of uplifting the community through collaborative work and this has helped us cultivate relationships with many organisations that we didn't engage with previously.

    Building strong links between community organisations is a fantastic way to deliver cross-collaborative approaches that allow for more effective delivery of strategy and support to all communities and faith groups that make up the multi-cultural city of Birmingham, this has been made possible by Breaking Boundaries.


"It's wonderful to be able to celebrate the work the Muath Trust is doing bringing people together to be active and to connect each other this Inter Faith Week. Faith Centres have a vital role to play in understanding the needs of their communities, supporting them to become more physically active and reaching out into the wider community."- Ruth Hollis, Chief Executive, Spirit of 2012


"Inter Faith Week is a time where communities can learn, reflect and connect with one another embracing multifaith communities and celebrating the rich diversity and encouraging interfaith learning and cooperation. It is through this spirit that stronger community relations can be cultivated and developed through embracing one another with greater understanding and empathy.

 The work of Breaking Boundaries echoes this sentiment by providing sport as a commonality to draw in multi-faith and diverse communities to engage in a comfortable way using sport as a tool for social cohesion. It is great to be able to reflect on this work during this period and see the impact of Breaking Boundaries." - Arun Kang OBE, Chief Executive, Sporting Equals

'It is fantastic to see local community organisations collaborating to bring different and distinct faiths together, increasing awareness and developing a sense of belonging through sport'. - Ali Oliver, CEO, Youth Sport Trust.

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