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Breaking Boundaries Inter Faith Week Blog Series: Muslimah Sports Association

In honour of Inter Faith week we wanted to shed a light on the amazing work of the Breaking Boundaries project which seeks to build social cohesion and community ties across faith groups and ethnic groups through the power of sport, allowing all communities to build relationships and enjoy the benefits of sport! 
         1. What is the name of your organisation and how long have you been running for?

        Muslimah Sports Association since 2014.
2. Where is your organisation based? 

 Redbridge/Barking and other neighbouring boroughs.


3. Which Faith groups do you support with your organisation and how do you support them?

We support all faith groups as we get women from all backgrounds, our focal group are Muslim women as they require special requirements for participation. We support them by opening up a variety of sports and activities in secure, safe and private spaces.

We signpost women when required and we are always looking on ways to increase our support in varying areas. We assist women by training them up as volunteers and coaches and helping them continue to make progress. 
4. What have been the successes you have felt and seen in supporting the physical health and wellbeing needs of the Faith groups in your area? 
We have seen meek women evolve into confident players, confident women, strong mothers, sisters, carers etc.
We have seen women come as participants and then become  volunteers and go on courses to improve their job prospects. We have seen that by us staying open and available especially during lockdown has helped the women stay mentally aloof. We have seen women become stronger and vocal. We have seen young women aspire to play at national levels through us and we duty bound to continue to do more.


5. How does sport help connect communities from different Faith backgrounds?

Sport connects everyone by focusing on the things that connect us, for example being part of the same team. Also having similar interests in a particular sports has a unifying effect.


         6. What has been your best memory of connecting communities through the Breaking Boundaries project? 

Hosting a football tournament with Breaking Boundaries during the sports festival,  which went down a treat. We saw people from all backgrounds come and have a go and play against others in the spirit of friendship and building cohesive relationships.

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