Breaking Boundaries Inter Faith Week Blog Series: Lady Aisha Academy

 In honour of Inter Faith week we wanted to shed a light on the amazing work of the Breaking Boundaries project which seeks to build social cohesion and community ties across faith groups and ethnic groups through the power of sport, allowing all communities to build relationships and enjoy the benefits of sport! 

          1. What is the name of your organisation and how long have you been running for? 
            Lady Aisha Academy since 2011.

2. Where is your organisation based? 
3. Which Faith groups do you support with your organisation and how do you support them?
We support Muslim girls and other faith groups through friendly interaction and dialogue. We also support all faith groups by  actively taking part in interfaith sports and activities.
4. What have been the successes you have felt and seen in supporting the physical health and wellbeing needs of the Faith groups in your area? 
The girls have had a chance to stay fit outside of school and home in an environment that is safe and welcoming. The girls are more willing to take part in activities involving different people.


5. How does sport help connect communities from different Faith backgrounds? It gives a chance to know one another and understand each other better. It also allows opportunities for friendly discussions and eliminate any stereotypical attitudes.
What has been your best memory of connecting communities through the Breaking Boundaries project?
My girls were initially self-conscious but once they started focusing on the given activities they became really involved and were behaving like friends with girls from other schools and with different faiths and backgrounds.
They also came together as females and I could see they realised they had more in common than they initially thought, which amazing to watch.

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