Black History Month Leadership in Sport: Juliet Bertie LeaderBoard Academy Graduate and Notts County Foundation Trustee Spotlight

As part of our celebrations during Black History Month we will be looking at leadership, role models and community organisations who inspire, support and deliver true impact in UK sport and physical activity. Today we will be reflecting on the unique journey of LeaderBoard Academy Graduate and trustee of Notts County Foundation Juliet Bertie.
  1. What is your background in sport?
    My background in sport is that I love to participate in it, and over the last 10 years or so I have actively become involved in Table Tennis both on and off the table. 

    I am a Female Table Tennis Ambassador for Table Tennis England as well as a member of their Members Advisory Group. More recently when I turned 50, and yes I have been told I don't look it! 

    My goal was to start doing football again, which I did, but this time playing Walking Football, which has given me a new vigour and excitement thanks to Birmingham Walking Football Club. This has been a great way to get back into the sport without so much fear of injuries like what I encountered when I used to play 11 a side for Continental Star Football Club.
  2. What inspired you to apply for LeaderBoard Academy?
    I was inspired to apply for Leaderboard Academy as I felt a great need to be part of conversations being held at decision-making tables. All too often I have looked at boards and not seen anyone that looks like me, and I wanted to change this.

    I wanted to represent my communities but also use my skills and experience to bring a different mindset and perspective that boards just may never have been aware of, or even considered diversity of thought.
  3. Have you graduated from the programme? If yes, have you received a board role and if so where?
    Yes I am so proud to say I graduated. I was on a mission to get a position as soon as possible after graduating so I could get to work.

    I had a few knock backs but was not going to let that put me off. I learnt what I needed to improve on and was eventually successful being the first in securing a role from the Leaderboard Academy as Trustee role at Notts County Foundation. 

    I am also part of the Members Advisory Group for Table Tennis England the National Governing body for the sport and also our own Sporting Equals Business Advisory Forum. 
  4. Who is an example and inspiration to you as a leader?

    My examples as inspirational leaders are my Mum and my Grandma that lived to be 100 years old. We can all be inspired by famous, successful people but for me it is so important to not forget who supported me to become who I am, and the struggles they had to go through to enable things to be easier for me. 
  5. What is leadership to you? 
    Leadership to me is about empowering and supporting others to be their best self. Offering support and guidance whilst also having a vision for change and bringing people along that path. 
  6. Why is diversity in leadership important?
    Where do I start! For me this shouldn't even be a question, it should be a statement adopted by all organisations across the world which they champion and understand why they are. 

    Diversity in leadership brings knowledge and sets a standard for the culture within an organisation. It makes individuals feel valued and included in a safer environment. More importantly, data has shown that by having a diverse leadership profits increase.
  7. How would you define race equality in sport?
    Race equality in sport for me is about seeing equitable outcomes for ethnically diverse communities.

    Ensuring these communities are being treated fairly, and that means removing the barriers so that things can progress. Institutions looking at the policies they have in place to ensure the practices and procedures do not discriminate and this is where it comes full circle, as Leaderboard Academy equips people with the confidence and support to tackle these issues head on.

For more information about Sporting Equals' LeaderBoard Academy and how to apply please click here.