Asians in Football Forum Sept 2016

Bringing opportunities to Communities

A plan to increase Asian inclusion in football 

Detailing the work of the game's governing bodies and flag bearers for change in tackling underrepresentation of Asians in football, the plan encourages inclusion and opening up pathways for Asian communities wishing to contribute to the game at all levels.

The plan reflects upon the feedback provided by Asian communities at consultation forums and details The FA's targets over the next four seasons and beyond:

  • Implementing programmes to increase the number of Asian boys and girls playing football
  • Implementing talent development programmes aimed at Asian women, girls, men and boys through Community Development Centres (CDCs) alongside County Football Associations (CFAs)
  • Promoting Asian male and female role models and diversifying the pool of recruitment officers responsible for talent identification, from within the Asian community
  • Supporting the recruitment and talent development of Asian boys and girls

Although it is generally agreed that there is still a significant journey ahead, this plan highlights a clear approach to provide better representation from Asian communities as well as developing a wider talent pool for English football.

Sporting Equals will be facilitating an insight session on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at St Georges Park which will help take stock of how effective the plan has been and recommendations for moving forward.

A copy of the FA report is available through the following link;