Amir Khan on observing Ramadan

How difficult is observing Ramadan for an athlete whose day-to-day routine is so strict?

“Keeping in the best possible shape whilst observing Ramadan, for a boxer, isn't easy, you have to take that month or two months to one side, and I try to make sure I'm back to full strength as quickly as possible."

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Amir Khan

Amir Khan

“It's also why I only fight once or twice a year – Ramadan literally falls right in the middle of the year. If it were very early or very late in the year I could maybe look at two or three fights per year but as a Muslim, you want to make the most of Ramadan and it's once a year."

“Although it isn't easy, it's still very manageable and although most boxers look at two or three fights a year once they reach world championship level, it's not a problem gearing towards two rather than three for me.”