The British Mountaineering Council - Climbing Coaches

LocationProgramme delivery will occur at domestic and international locations throughout the season. Successful candidates will be expected to undertake such travel as is necessary to fulfil the duties of the role.
Hours of WorkSuch hours as are necessary to fulfil the duties.
Salary & BenefitsIR35 contract for services delivered, renumeration will be agreed on a self-employed basis for the duration of GB Climbing Programmes 2022-2024. Invoicing terms to be agreed at time of contracting, circa £150.00 per day plus expenses as detailed in the GB Climbing Expenses Policy (Domestic & International).
Closing Date29 Nov

Job Description

Following the great success of Climbing's debut at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, we are excited to announce the recruitment of a new group of coaches to help us fulfil our potential as a progression sport. We are a group of coaches who are; grounded, hard-working, passionate and committed to the long-term success of GB Climbing. We are excited to find a group of likeminded individuals to join our coaching team and join us on our journey to establish Great Britain as the world's leading climbing nation by 2032.
The recruitment and continued development of a highly skilled coaching workforce will be integral to achieving our ambitions. Our approach in achieving this is guided by our long-term strategic aims and our core values; Health, Performance and Respect.

As such, we are recruiting a coaching team who can deliver against the programmes and objectives for the GB National Development Squad, GB Junior Team and GB Senior Team. 
The GB Climbing ethos is to ensure that athlete health, wellbeing and welfare are at the heart of everything we do. Putting athletes first and developing talent, performance and high-performance programmes that support all athletes as individuals, providing an integrated and holistic approach to coaching and creating psychologically safe environments where athletes can reach their individual performance potential.
As GB Climbing drives towards future podium and medal success, we are wholly committed to creating the best environments for athletes to thrive. Cultivating a shared understanding of an athlete's journey is essential, accelerating athletes to perform at their very best when it matters on the World's biggest stages. We believe in an 'outcome aware, process focussed' approach to performance, where athletes are empowered to take ownership and accountability of their journey, pursuing autonomy and self-awareness, culminating in personal best performances. 
Representing Great Britain is a privilege that athletes and coaches work hard for. We are the custodians of our legacy and carry the responsibility to represent our team ethos and values, both in and out of the arena. As we strive to build a reputation that matches our long-term performance ambitions we will:
➢ produce a cohort of athletes who consistently deliver world class performances
➢ create performance programmes which learn, iterate, and improve; to sustain our ability to win on the world 
➢ become more representative of the wider population
➢ inspire the next generation of competition climbers 
➢ support athlete transition into lifelong participation in our sport
➢ facilitate wider opportunities for athletes to follow careers in the industry
➢ build an enduring legacy for our sport.

GB Climbing Coaches will;
Embody the GB Climbing core values of Health, Performance & Respect and the BMC Values of Community, Adventure, Sustainability, Aspiration and also Respect.
Ensure best practice at all times, including but not limited to: anti-doping, safeguarding, GDPR, social media and marketing policies, campus boarding, following the coaches code of conduct, the health and welfare of athletes, coaches and GB Climbing staff.
Work effectively with athletes in groups and as individuals, building meaningful relationships based on trust, shared understanding, knowledge and experience.
Empower athletes to take ownership and accountability of their journey, celebrate their uniqueness and motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams, performing at their very best when it matters.
Demonstrate self-awareness and be able to meet athletes and colleagues wherever they are on their journey.
Be able to adapt their coaching behaviours and coaching dynamics to support athletes in engaging with and meeting the program objectives.
Utilise and be able to adapt democratic and holistic coaching styles to support transformational change and performance excellence.
Be able to work collaboratively and effectively within a diverse and dynamic multi-disciplinary team. 
Apply and adapt differentiated leadership styles in varying performance contexts in a fun, creative and innovative way.
Demonstrate a high level of technical understanding in one or more sport specific components (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological, Performance Lifestyle, Arena Skills) for either Lead and/or Boulder and/or Speed disciplines.
Have an adaptable and flexible skill set, be able to support in multiple areas of the programme, selecting the most appropriate to the environment(s) they are in.
Be a successful coach working in competitive sport, relishing new and challenging situations and able to thrive in a competitive environment.
Display a drive to succeed, be unafraid of failure and able to embrace doing things differently, learning iteratively with a growth mindset.
Act with high levels of professionalism and integrity, be able to handle difficult situations sensitively, to think effectively under pressure and make effective decisions based on professional judgement and experience.
Able to follow direction within a programme brief and work independently using their own initiative to complete a given task and meet programme objectives.
Act as an ambassador and be an inspirational role model for our sport.
Be able to seek support and follow guidance, question and challenge with skill and constructivism, listen actively and give feedback.
Have a clear coaching philosophy and ownership of their own coach development journey.
Demonstrate the ability to focus and concentrate for extended periods of time and have a strong work ethic.

Application Process
This recruitment process will be completed in two stages; Stage 1 – Initial Application and Shortlisting, and 
Stage 2 – Candidates Interview Day.
Stage 1 – Initial Application
Should you wish to apply to join the GB Climbing Coaching Team, please send your application to by 08.00 Monday 29th November 2021, including the following;
 A CV and Covering Letter, including 2 professional references
 Indication of which role(s) you wish to be considered for
 Answer the following questions by submitting either a 3minute video, 500 words, power point presentation or other medium that feels most relevant to you.
a. Explain what Health, Performance, Respect means to you?
b. Describe your coaching philosophy?
c. I want to be a GB Climbing Coach because…?