RFU - National Youth Council Member (Volunteer Role)

Hours of Work
Salary & Benefits
Closing Date23 May

Job Description

What is the NYC?
• The RFU National Youth Council (NYC) is a group of 18 – 24 year olds from across the country, who act as a consultative body for the RFU at a national level. Involved in all aspects of the game, they provide youth perspective and help shape the development of the game.

What's involved?
• Work alongside RFU staff on a number of projects and working groups in different areas of the RFU structure, as identified by the NYC to support the development of the gain
• Actively participate on RFU sub-committees & working groups to provide a youth perspective
• Build networks, both within and outside of RFU, to ensure work is progressed and the NYC is able to represent the voice of young people
• Ensure that identified projects are completed on time and in line with the objectives set out
• Collate and produce an annual report, detailing the progress of the previous year and future objectives for the next 12 months, with the opportunity to present to RFU council on an annual basis
• Act as an ambassador for the sport and promote the core values throughout the Game.

Who are we looking for?
• Some-one who is aged 18-24
• Understanding of, and passion for sport and/or volunteering
• Highly self-motivated and able to work under their own direction but also enjoys working as part of a team
• Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to engage on all levels.
• Ability to analyse problems and create solutions.
• Good communication skills including report writing and delivering effective presentations.
• Ability to travel across England.

What you'll get from it:
• The opportunity to meet other people who have a passion to develop sport
• The opportunity to make a difference and help shape the future of the game
• Develop personal and professional skills
• The opportunity to enhance your CV
• Hands-on experience of project development and an opportunity to learn from others
• Networking opportunities both within England Rugby and within the national rugby volunteer network.
• Appropriate expenses for NYC related work will be reimbursed

What are the time commitments?
• Minimum 4 meetings per year (mixture of virtual and face to face). We're keen to recruit members from across England so locations will be confirmed by NYC members once recruited
• Attendance at appropriate sub-committee meetings (this can vary dependent on committee but meetings can take place during the working week)
• Attendance at project meetings
• Contribution to on-going development of projects throughout the year

Role duration:
• Two years with opportunity to extend for an extra year.

In order to ensure we achieve our aim of having a Council that is diverse and represents all including under-represented groups such as people from ethnically diverse communities or those who could better reflect the younger and/or female participants within the game, we ask that you please outline your age, what gender you identify as, as well as your ethnicity as part of your application. 


As part of your application for this role, please submit one document discussing each of the following four topics:
1. Tell us about your rugby or volunteer journey (playing, refereeing, coaching, leading etc) & why you would like to represent the National Youth Council. [Max 200 words]
2. Please tell us why you are applying for the National Youth Council and what skills and experience you can bring? (this can be from rugby, education, volunteering & other sports). [Max 500 words]
3. Based on your involvement in rugby and/or volunteering, what impact would you like to have and why? [Max 300 words]
4. Give an example of something you are proud of and explain why (Rugby and/or non-rugby related). [Max 250 words]

If you'd like to submit a CV for consideration in addition to the above, please feel free to do so. We look forward to hearing from you!