Brentford FC - Director of Elite Performance

LocationJersey Road
Hours of Work
Salary & BenefitsCompetitive
Closing Date16 May

Job Description

The Role of the Director of Elite Performance

The main purpose of the Director of Elite Performance (DEP) is to lead all aspects of player and staff performance and development, outside of those technical and tactical football elements which are the responsibility of the Head Coach. In particular, Brentford FC strives to be a world class football team and club, and this role will be integral to driving the elite performance standards demanded of players and staff in order to fulfil this ambition.

Main Accountabilities

  •  The heads of the following football sub-departments shall report to the DEP:
    • Athletic Performance / Sports Science
    • Medical
    • Welfare and Well-being
    • Football Operations
    • Training Ground Facilities and Pitches
  • The DEP shall have a key role in assisting the heads of each sub-department under their remit to ensure that the service they provide to players and staff is delivered to a world class standard.
  • The DEP shall ensure that the Club's “Performance First” philosophy remains at the forefront of decision making and becomes ingrained into the work of the staff and players every day.
  •  The DEP shall ensure that the attention to detail given to the bespoke care of every player enables them to deliver their maximum performance on the pitch in every game. This will include in areas such as rest and recovery, nutrition, sports psychology, among others.
  •  The DEP shall help to cultivate a learning and development culture across the Football Department, helping to design and implement Individual Development Programmes (which may include development of skills outside of the football environment) for players and staff.
  •  The DEP shall have a key role in bringing forward and implementing new ideas and research, often from outside of the football ecosystem, into the Club to ensure that Brentford is at the cutting edge of player and staff performance, learning and development.
  • The DEP shall ensure that the facilities used by players and staff on a daily basis are at the highest level possible and suitable for a Club that aspires to compete at the top end of English and European football.

General Club Accountabilities

• To comply with all Club policies, including health and safety, data regulations and other legal, ethical and social requirements

• To build and maintain good working relationships while maintaining a professional image

• To keep confidential any information gained regarding the Club and its personnel

• To maintain a flexible approach to work at all times

Person Specification

- Essential Personal Characteristics

• The DEP needs to be the ultimate team player with an outstanding track record of building and maintaining strong and trusting personal relationships.

• The DEP should be open minded to all new ideas and be able to demonstrate the effective implementation of new research to make a practical difference in their previous work.

• The ideal candidate will have a track record of leadership and achievement in a high-performance sports environment, though not necessarily in professional football.

• The DEP will be a strategic thinker and able to create and implement effective and robust processes which enhance the long-term development of the Club.