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Active Partners Trust - Marketing and Insight Lead

LocationHome based with access to hot desking facilities in Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield (city centres)
Hours of WorkPart time (29.6 hours per week)
Salary & Benefits£26,150 (pro rata £20,920)
Closing Date10 Jul

Job Description

What you will do - Understand

Grow our insight and understanding of people and communities

Create opportunities to:

· Listen and understand the behaviour, the lived experience, the motivations of people experiencing the greatest inequalities in physical activity to update and broaden our insight.

· Share insight and understanding of people's behaviour and attitudes to physical activity, including the on-going impact of covid, with partners.

What you will do - Enable

Create opportunities to:

· Share key messaging around the aims of Making our Move within all of our work, both with public and partners.

· Bring together communication leads from a range of organisations across both counties to collectively develop consistent messaging around physical activity and to maximise the impact of national and local campaigns.

· Build open and honest relationships with individuals and organisations who relate to the vision and/or shared aims in Making Our Move. Support them to work out what role they can play and what help they may need.

Use your creative skills to:

· Work with the place team to bring the work of Making Our Move to life through a variety of ways i.e. video, audio, written stories.

· Develop engaging ways of telling stories, through the use of different mediums including social media, and share/publish stories in most accessible way for intended audience

Create content for new website(s) to enable signposting of high-quality information, tools and resources to help partners to support people to move more and build activity and keep it up to date.

Make a difference to our work:

· Develop opportunities/training for APT team and partners to learn how to better frame our stories, how to develop our language to tell more compelling stories, verbally and written.

· Develop the team's knowledge of appropriate use of language and imagery, keeping up to date with new trends. Share information with networks and partners. Advocate for this to be considered in all communications.

Evaluate the most effective methods of communicating with target audiences by carrying out research and stakeholder feedback analysis to ensure we are meeting the needs of our communities and our partners.

Walk Derbyshire

· Support the work of the Walk Derbyshire programme including the development and updating of a Walk Derbyshire website, social media profile and through ongoing marketing and comms support.

What you will do - Invest

Target and align investment

Develop stories, impacts and insight from Making Our Move to attract additional resource and capacity to build on the work.

What you will do - Deliver

· Provide vision, leadership and commitment in safeguarding, equity and diversity matters, with colleagues and community partners and stakeholders.