Non-Executive Director

Organisation Table Tennis England

Location Norfolk House (Central Entrance), 88 Saxon Gate West, Milton Keynes MK9 2DL

Hours of Work 8-12 Days Per Annum

Salary & Benefits Expenses

Closing Date 21 April


The Articles of Association require the Board to be composed of three (3) Elected Directors, the CEO and up to eight (8) other Non-Executive Directors. A minimum of 25% of the Board will be independent which the Board has defined as being an individual who is not a playing member,  a  National  Councillor,  or  an  administrator  in  a  club,  league,  county  or  regional committee. 

Three  (3)  vacancies  have  arisen  on  the  Board,  two  of  which  need  to  be  filled  by 
individuals who  are  independent.  The  Board  wish  to  appoint  Directors  with  a  varied  and 
complimentary  skillset  of  individuals  with  diverse  skills,  knowledge,  experience  and 
competencies. Specific areas of expertise currently being sought include: 
  Finance  
  Commercial and marketing 
As there are three (3) vacancies, other relevant experience and skills could include: 
  Table tennis 
  Coaching and/or Performance Sport 
  Sports Development 
  Major events 
  HR and general administration 
  Mass participation events 
  Fundraising 
  Cyber risk/data protection

Non-Executive Directors are required to take responsibility for five key areas: 


Directors  should  challenge  and  help  develop  proposals  on  strategy,  set  the  vision,  values and standards and ensure that its obligations to the membership are  understood and met. 
The Board should set the strategic aims and ensure that the necessary human and financial resources are in place for the organisation to meet its objectives. 


The  Board  will  set  the  budget,  approve  the  Annual  Operating  Plan  and  monitor  financial performance. 

Performance of the Executive 
Directors  should  scrutinise  the  performance  of  the  Chief  Executive  Officer  and  the  Senior Leadership  Team  in  meeting  agreed  goals  and  objectives  and  monitor  the  reporting  of performance. 

Directors should provide leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls, 
which  enable  risk  (including  financial,  legal  and  reputational  risk)  to  be  assessed  and managed. Directors should satisfy themselves on the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible. 

Stakeholders and People 
Directors  should  be  aware  of  the  interests  of  all  stakeholders  (including  funding  agencies and the membership) and should have a role in approving the staff structure and appointing and  reviewing  the  performance  of  the  Chief  Executive  Officer  and  through  him/her  the Senior Leadership Team. 


i)  Experience of working as a company director (commercial, charity,  and  voluntary 
sector), trustee,  partner  or in an appropriate senior  executive management position 

ii) a desire to take on a non-executive position  and a clear understanding of the 

role of a non-executive director;  Knowledge  of  and  commitment  to  Table  Tennis  England's  mission,  objectives  and core values;   Commitment to  promote the highest standards of corporate governance (including the Code for Sports Governance) and seek compliance wherever possible;   The ability to represent and promote Table Tennis England externally;   Knowledge of the structures, controls and politics of British sport; The highest standards of integrity and probity;   The ability to question intelligently, debate constructively, challenge rigorously and decide dispassionately;   The ability to work strategically as part of a team and to lead effectively in specific areas if required; 
  A willingness to participate in meetings, ask questions and take responsibility; 
  Honesty, integrity and credibility;   Tolerance and consideration of different views; 
  A track record of acting in good faith and in the best interests of an organisation; 
  Ability to listen, analyse, think clearly and work well with others. 

Applications should include a short CV and personal statement, sent to: 
Jonathan Bruck 
Head of Operations 
Table Tennis England 
Norfolk House  
88 Saxon Gate West 
Milton Keynes MK9 2DL 
Or by email to

01908 208860

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