Independent Non-Executive Director (Finance Portfolio)

Organisation The British Wrestling Association

Location Home Based

Hours of Work

Salary & Benefits Unpaid volunteer status but all reasonable expenses claimable

Closing Date 25 July


Job title: Independent Non-Executive Director (Finance Portfolio)
Organisation: The British Wrestling Association
Salary: Unpaid volunteer status, but all reasonable expenses claimable
Location: Home based
Closing date: 25/07/2019
Interview dates: 05/08/2019
Contract type: F
ixed Term (Part time)



The Chair and directors of the British Wrestling Association are looking to appoint an Independent Non-Executive Director (Finance Portfolio). 

The new person will not be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of wrestling but will have an understanding of the way Olympic sports operate in the UK arena. He or She will clearly have an abiding enthusiasm for sport. We anticipate appointing a person who is looking to make an impact, perhaps for the first time as a Non-Executive Director. 

The tenure would be expected to be 4 years as an initial term, not to exceed a period of 8 years. 

The new Non-Executive Director will be responsible for:- 

Finance Related 

- reviewing the company's financial plans and management reports and provided informed advice to the Board and senior management on financial matters. 

- Providing advice to the Company's senior management responsible for financial matters; 

- Ensuring high standards of financial probity by the Company; 

- Reporting to the Board annually on the effectiveness of Company's financial procedures taking account of the views of individual directors. 

All Non-Executive Directors will be expected to: 

- Provide leadership of the BWA Ltd within a framework of agreed and effective controls which enable risk to be assessed and managed; 

- Take corporate and personal responsibility as a Board member; 

- Support the Chair and Chief Executive Officer whilst exercising personal responsibility and accountability; 

- Contribute to setting the BWA's values and standards and ensure that its obligations to its stakeholders and others are understood and met. 

- Contribute to the setting of the BWA's strategy through constructive check and challenge and helping to develop proposals on strategy; 

- Ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the BWA to be able to meet its strategic objectives; 

- Scrutinise and contribute to reviews of management performance in meeting agreed goals and objectives; 

- Satisfy themselves on the integrity of financial information and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust; 

- Contribute to determining levels of remuneration for staff and processes for future appointments 

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