Board Directors

Organisation Scottish Canoe Association

Location Home-based

Hours of Work 6 Board meetings annually (can be via online conferencing)

Salary & Benefits 6 Board meetings annually (can be via online conferencing)

Closing Date 15 July


There are three SCA Director roles to be elected/appointed this autumn:


- General Secretary

- President

- General Director


Role descriptions for each of these three positions are available on the SCA website and set out the experience, personal characteristics and time commitment required for each role.



Applications are especially welcome from individuals within groups currently under-represented on the SCA Board, such as women, people with disabilities, those from black and minority ethnic communities and people aged under 50. Participation in SCA Director meetings can be via online conferencing as well as by attending meetings in person.



All members of the SCA Board are required to:


- Establish the SCA's vision, values and standards and ensure that its obligations to the whole membership, staff and other parties as appropriate are fully understood and met

- Establish the SCA's strategic aims, ensuring the necessary resources (financial and others) are in place in order for the organisation to meet its objectives and review management performance

- Provide leadership of the organisation within a framework of prudent and effective controls which allow risk to be assessed and managed to ensure compliance with company and other statutory laws that apply

- Ensure that the company's obligations to outside stakeholders are understood and met.


Our Director roles require a degree of experience and expertise serving on boards and committees, and candidates will be expected to demonstrate a good knowledge of governance, compliance, finance and of developing and implementing vision and strategy.


Directors serve three year terms and applications are sought from individual members willing to serve in the above roles until the 2022 AGM.




If you would like to discuss the opportunity to find out more, contact the SCA Chair, Brian Chapman.


If you are interested in applying, please check the SCA website for further details:,1,xJtwNQ4EDg1P1MpI0ShKCGFarelNvGiHWYmJE1x-zzX8Is68MjNkOhf3cpkDl8um94XN7U9Bm5QFko3XzV5rkKZbbu3HEqjlU1IkdU9kYBa51afQ_VOWf5Q,&typo=1



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