4 x Members for Active Derbyshire Panel

Organisation Active Derbyshire

Location Derbyshire

Hours of Work Part-time

Salary & Benefits Please note that these are voluntary positions, but reasonable out-of-pocket expenses can be claimed.

Closing Date 27 April


Active Partners Trust is seeking four individuals with the commitment, and the skills, knowledge, experience in any one or more of the following areas, to join the Active Derbyshire Leadership Panel:
• business     
• marketing
• voluntary and community sector       
• communications
• community development
• health and wellbeing

Please note that these are voluntary positions, but reasonable out-of-pocket expenses can be claimed.

Candidates for these panel member positions must be resident in Derbyshire by reason of domicile, business or employment.

The successful candidates will be appointed by the APT Board of Directors to sit as members of the Active Derbyshire Leadership Panel.

Active Partners Trust wishes to act as an exemplar for equality and diversity within its sphere of influence. APT therefore encourages applications from a wide range of candidates reflective of the diverse communities in Derbyshire.


Please submit your Expression of Interest and Curriculum Vitae by 5pm on Friday 27th April 2018 to Stuart Batchelor, Strategic Director, Active Derbyshire at stuart.batchelor@activederbyshire.org.uk


Time Commitment

The Active Derbyshire Panel will usually meet four times in each year. The time commitment for these roles is expected to be around the equivalent of two days per quarter.

The Panel Members may also be involved in meetings of other committees or working groups relevant to their area(s) of expertise.


The key functions of the role of a Panel Member are:

• to act as a Member of the Active Derbyshire Leadership Panel which is responsible for:

o reviewing, and making recommendations to the APT Board of Directors on delivery strategies and business plans for Active Derbyshire; and

o monitoring progress, against the criteria agreed by the APT Board, of operational plans and annual budgets for Active Derbyshire, and providing regular reports to the APT Board on these matters; and

o maintaining good working relationships with the APT Board and other stakeholders of Active Derbyshire;

• to bring knowledge, skills and experience from his/her work, voluntary activities and/or relevant qualifications, to the Panel's deliberations;

• to participate regularly in the meetings of the Panel;

• to maintain such contacts with stakeholders as may be requested by the Active Derbyshire Leadership Panel and/or the APT Board;

• to support the APT Board and the Active Derbyshire Leadership Panel in promoting the work of Active Partners Trust and Active Derbyshire in the public arena; and

• to participate in regular reviews of the Panel's own effectiveness in carrying out its responsibilities and functions.

For full details, including a person specification, go to https://www.activederbyshire.org.uk/jobs/5092


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