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Sporting Equals Equality and Diversity Statement

Equality & Diversity Statement
 Sporting Equals believe that sporting opportunities should be open to all and is committed to providing services which embrace Inclusivity, diversity and promotion of equality of opportunity. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments reinforced by our values are embedded in to our day to day working practices with all our customers, colleagues and partners. We will:
 • Provide equality of opportunity and promote diversity to ensure everyone is able to participate in sport and physical activity regardless of their gender, age, ability, race, religion, colour, ethnic origin, social status, or sexual orientation. 
• Work with partners to help develop a culture that enables and values involvement of all, embedding and promoting the principles of equality and fairness through supporting delivery of inclusive sport and physical activity programmes. 
We will achieve this by:
 • Promoting equality of opportunity and diversity within the communities in which we work by facilitating work with partners, National Governing Bodies and other sport providers.
• Ensuring our activities and programmes reflect the diversity and needs of the community.
• Create an environment which is both safe and fun for all ages, where participates are supported and sporting talent can grow.
• Communicate effectively with underrepresented groups using website and promotional material that reflects target groups and local diversity.
• Monitoring customer participation and partner feedback to identify and develop opportunities for continuous improvement.
 • Uphold our Equal Opportunities Policy, supported by equality, diversity and disability awareness training for our managers and colleagues. 
• Develop a workforce which reflects our customer base within the diverse communities in which we work.