Calendar of Events

13 April

Lent (End) - Christian

The season of preparation before Easter, in which Christians often surrender a particular vice - such as chocolate or... Read More

14 April

Baisakhi - Sikh

The Sikh New Year festival, which also commemorates Sikhism being born as a collective faith in 1699. Read More

14 April

Good Friday - Christian

A day to commemorate the execution of Jesus on the cross. Read More

16 April

Easter Sunday - Christian

Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The most important Christian festival and the one celebrated with most... Read More

18 April

Passover (Pesach) End - Jewish

A festival celebrating the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt, led by Moses, and a general celebration of freedom. Read More

23 April

Lailat-Al-Miraj - Muslim

The night journey and ascent of the Prophet Muhammad, celebrated by the telling of the story of how he was visited by... Read More

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