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Community Engagement Project

"Our work with Sporting Equals, one of the leading experts in equality and diversity in sport, is helping us to shape and deliver a comprehensive action plan, encompassing both our staff and external stakeholders, that will see diversity embedded in all areas of the football club."

Ian Ayre, Managing Director, Liverpool Football Club

“Glasgow Life commissioned Sporting Equals to carry out research into how we could embed inclusion across our function areas and to ensure that we were reaching all Glasgow's diverse communities. The resulting report met our demanding brief, was produced to a very professional standard, provided excellent value for money and was delivered on time and to budget. The report worked across the equality strands focussing on our main subbrands of Glasgow Sport, Arts, Communities, Events, Libraries, Museums, Music and Young Glasgow and has been invaluable in allowing us to drive the equalities agenda forward.”

Mark O'Neill, Director of Policy and Research, Glasgow Life

"This was an excellent consultation and will change the way we deliver our service, very good research and appropriateness from Sporting Equals staff."

Jamie McBrearty, Active Communities Development Manager, Dundee Leisure and Culture

Sporting Equals' model, Community Enagagement, is designed to enable sports clubs and organisations to review and implement their operations to gain maximum business impact from addressing equality and diversity. Community Engagement is a model that takes sport beyond the legal and ethical benefits of inclusion, to identify the business benefits to each unique organisation. It supports organisations to gain the maximum business impact from being equal and diverse, as well as helping to mitigate against risk.

We know that organisations have been trying to address race and other equality issues for some time, but they often struggle to do it effectively and to the advantage of the business. Presently organisations respond to issues by adjusting systems and procedures, but for a organisation to invest and fully commit to equality and diversity, it needs to see that this agenda will support its business development. Sporting Equals Community Engagement will show you how to embed diversity within the culture of your organisation to great advantage. 

Elements of the model have already been tested successfully with clubs, including Premier League football clubs. Community Engagement brings all our learning and expertise together to the benefit of organisations in order to increase participation, reduce prejudice and gain maximum business impact.

Our experience enables us to be fast and efficient with any review, whilst ensuring people at all levels understand the importance of the work and vitally, empathise and commit to assessing and bringing diversity into the organisation. Using the Inclusive Club model, Sporting Equals works closely with people at all levels of the organisation to ensure the organisation's culture reflects this, and continuing stakeholder communication is a key strand running throughout the work. 

Darren Cheesman (England & Great Britain Hockey International) supports the model and says “Prejudices still exist and I have felt the effects throughout my career. As a young boy new into the sport, as a convert to Islam, and through 'banter' in the changing room, I have often felt I didn't belong. It's vital to create a culture that welcomes difference and variety, whilst maintaining the standards that are required to ensure we are successful.”

Community Engagement is a fast and efficient model of review resulting in recommendations across seven strands of equality, including socio-economic factors. It is broader an deeper than other Assessment models, in order to support the development of the entire organisation and a culture change that is viable, sustainable and economical. 

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Community Engagement

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