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28 January

Vietnamese/Chinese New Year - International

The start of the year on the Chinese calendar, also know as Tết in Vietnam. Read More

14 February

Valentine’s Day - Secular

Based on legends of Saint Valentine, who performed secret marriages while they were banned by Emperor Claudius II... Read More

25 February

Maha Shivarati - Hindu

Devotion and thanks are shown to Lord Shiva, who danced his cosmic dance this night. Many Hindus fast. Read More

01 March

St. David’s Day - Christian

Celebration of the patron saint of Wales. Read More

01 March

Lent (Start) - Christian

The season of preparation before Easter, in which Christians often surrender a particular vice - such as chocolate or... Read More

09 March

Palm Sunday - Christian

The last Sunday of Lent marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, where the people waved Palm branches at him. Read More